Dog's Dinner
Season 2, Episode 8
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The Diary Home Sweet Home

Dog's Dinner is the 34th episode of Corneil and Bernie.


When Corneil stays over at Bernie's apartment for a week, Bernie gives Corneil dog food, Corneil says that he's never eaten dog food, so when Bernie goes to the supermarket, Corneil makes lots of complaints, and Bernie says that he should at least try the dog food, so Corneil goes on a no-eating spree, because he doesn't want to eat the dog food. Will Bernie get Corneil to eat the dog food, or will Corneil go hungry till Jon and Beth come home


  • Corneil claims he never eats dog food, but in later episode we see what appears to be dog food in Corneil's bowl. This is probably corned beef or something else. 
  • Vampire Flakes are probably a parody of our monster cereal, Count Chocula which is only sold around Halloween.